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Big city eats on a small scale budget: Where to eat for less than $20

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dallas is a Foodie Capital, no doubt. But just because we're in a big city doesn't mean you need to spend big bucks $$$ Here are the top places in Dallas to eat on a dime.


One of the best foods to eat for cheap is TACOS! Who wouldn't love a Taco Tuesday every day of the week? And there are plenty of great places around town. One of my favorites is EL Come Taco on Fitzhugh near 75. They were rated Dallas's best taco in 2019 and has a small, cute cafe and all the fixins. They have every type of taco (including vegetarian options) with frozen margaritas, churros, horchata, and homemade salsas. And all this flavor comes with a great price tag.


If you're looking for a second round of Taco Tuesday while on a budget in Dallas, you need none other than Fuel City Tacos on River Front Blvd. Fuel City is THE gas station food stop in Texas and was rated the BEST tacos in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine. But I have one word for you... ELOTE. This taco stop has not only one, but two elote carts to satisfy your needs, and has the traditional, styrafoam cup elote that you just cant beat. Top it off with lime, salsa, and a soda from the gas station and you've got yourself a great meal for less than 20$.


If you've got a sweet tooth there are multiple options across Dallas for a dessert, but my personal favorite is ice cream. And with the warm summer months coming you really need Melt Ice Creams in Bishop Arts and on Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth. Melt absolutely melts your heart with a sunshiny, yellow shop and locally sourced, flavored ice cream. They have regular flavors, seasonal flavors, and even weekend flavors, so there is always something new to try. And with less than a $20, you can beat that Texas heat and satisfy that sweet tooth.


This one is for my Vegetarian friends, or just general lovers of good food and something unique. From the outside, Kalachandjis is not what you'd expect. This building serves as a Krishna Temple and Tuesday- Sunday serves as a vegetarian cafeteria. They cook fresh on site and supply veggies from a garden across the street and the inside is a beautiful, green, atrium, great for sunny days. For less than $20 you can fill up your plate with good food, get some salad, and some fresh tea and enjoy the sunshine.

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