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Christmas Time in the Big D: Fun, Christmas themed activities in Dallas for 2020

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of year! Or at least as wonderful as Christmas can be during a pandemic. But believe it or not, there is still a lot of fun to be had in Dallas this holiday season! So much so that I am making you a list! If you’re looking to soak up the Christmas season as much as possible in Dallas, this is the perfect place to start. Starting with....

COVID safe Christmas activities in Dallas

For those looking to remain a safe distance and still enjoy the season, Dallas does offer a couple options...

Prairie Lights in Grand Praire

Now the concept of Drive- thru Christmas lights is no new concept. But because of COVID, we have quite a bit popping up around DFW. Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie is one of the ones that has been around awhile. 30$ buys you a general admission for your personal vehicle and how ever many people you can fit! It takes about 20-30 minutes to go all the way through, and they even have VIP tickets if you’re looking to skip the line. You can also sync your radio up to Christmas music that goes with the lights if you really want to be in the spirit! They also have concepts like this is Fort Worth and Frisco as well and is the easiest way to stay contact free and have a little Christmas fun in Dallas.

Watch a Christmas movie in Uptown

Now I know I’ve mentioned Rooftop Cinema before! They are the drive-in movie theatre that popped up in Uptown during Covid. This Is by far my favorite COVID safe activity in the city! And best yet, they are showing all the classic Christmas movies for the month of December. Purchase your tickets ahead of time on their website, it’s about 28$ - 35$ a car. Then roll in to watch a movie from the comfort of your own car. You can bring blankets, pillow, snacks, and drinks of any kind, but they also have a food truck on premise if you’d like to buy something. And you just can’t beat the Uptown skyline in the background! This has minimal to no contact with anyone else so if you’re looking to keep a safe distance, this is the perfect Christmas activity.

Enjoy one of Dallas’s many Christmas Pop-ups...

Since Texas is one of the states where bars are open, you can totally bet they are hopping on the holiday train as well! And this year, there are so many it’s hard to count! But of course I got you covered, so I’ll name a few. Starting with....

Leela's Wine Bar/Abv Establishment

These I lump together because they are simply one staircase away from each other. Leela's is a wine and cocktail bar on street level that serves charcuterie boards and small snacks and Abv Establishment is a hidden speakeasy on the second floor. Both have gone full Christmas in completely different ways. Leela's is a beautiful and girly take on Christmas with bright interior and spiced holiday cocktails. And Abv has gone completely dark with a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' theme that comes complete with black lights and cocktails with dead roses. This is one of the many Holiday popups on Lower Greenville and the drinks range from 10-19$. But Leela's has happy hour that starts at 4pm if you're looking to save even more. This is somehow a cute and creepy way to celebrate Christmas!

Miracle on Lower Greenville

This is another spot to hit when on Lower Greenville! Every year there is a bar in Dallas that hosts A Miracle pop up. This is usually Hide in Deep Ellum but Hide is still closed down for remodeling, so this year the party got moved to Lower Greenville! It is now in the former Gung-Ho location and is in a much bigger space this year. It comes complete with crazy decorations, fun holiday drinks in festive cups, and fun holiday food and of course Christmas music. This is even a great place to rent out if your company does decide to have a holiday party this year. This is the spot to be festive but does require reservations. So be sure to book ahead on their Website!

Yellow Rosa in Deep Ellum

Yellow Rosa is another speakeasy but with some Spanish flair. They normally serve as a tequila cocktail bar but got on board with Christmas spirit in a completely original way. They managed to make it SNOW. Yes, actually snow. The main part of their dining room has a roof that opens and on top sits a snow machine that sprinkles into the bar. It looks like a perfect winter wonderland. And of course the bar has beautiful Christmas decorations that aren't as crazy as the other pop-ups but still just as great. They are open Thurs-Sun and serve dinner in the evenings, then go full bar mode at night along with a DJ and an occasional snow storm. This is a perfect Holiday stop that cant be missed!

If you're looking for something Christmas-y to do...

If you're looking for somewhere to sit and stay awhile and probably take the family too, Dallas has you covered there as well! Here is my list of Family friendly activities and fun places to take out-of-towners...

Campo Verde Tex-Mex Restaurant in Arlington

Campo Verde is a manifestation of Christmas that could only happen in Texas! This is a classic Tex Mex restaurant that serves fajitas and margaritas but also happens to be the most Christmas crazy place I have ever seen! Absolutely every square inch is covered in decorations! There is so much, that it actually takes months to put it all together. They start in early October and are done by November, and the decorations stay up through February. The food is not the best Tex Mex food the state of Texas has to offer, but the Christmas ambiance is. This is a fun spot for kids, family, and dates to have a meal and margaritas and is definitely something you'll remember.

The Christmas Capital of Texas in Grapevine

You probably didn't know, but Grapevine, Texas has won the official title of the Texas Christmas Capital and its easy to see why! Their old downtown is so decked with Christmas decorations that it almost looks like Santa's village. But they also go ALL out hosting over 1,400 Christmas activities in only 40 days. Every night Main St lights up with decorations, carolers, street vendors, and a whole host of activities for the family. They have Christmas wine tours, Nutcracker in the square, Santa visits and just about anything you could imagine! Gaylord Texan even joins the fun and is hosting indoor, interactive Christmas activities such as Yuletide, I love Christmas movies, and a whole Christmas village to wander around. This is surely the place to go if you're looking for a family holiday activity!

Galleria Mall Christmas Tree in Dallas

There is one thing every year that it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me until I see, and that is the giant Christmas tree at the Galleria Mall. This is one of the first signs of Christmas in Dallas every year, being put up a week or more before Thanksgiving but its something that can't be missed. It is the Tallest indoor Christmas tree in the WORLD. And it just so happens to sit in the middle of the ice rink making it perfect for a holiday skate date. It costs 12$ to skate and 5$ for skate rentals and offers countless holiday fun. But Galleria has a few Christmas activities going on! They also have SnowDay the Christmas Instagram Selfie Pop-up where they offer multiple Christmas scenes to snap pictures with. And of course Santa will be at the mall for the holiday season as well! Plus don't forget they offer some of the best shopping in Dallas as well, so definitely grab gifts for the whole family while you're here too!

Now on to see the light! The Christmas Lights

There are plenty of options this holiday season to see beautiful Christmas lights. There's everything from old favorites to brand new options for 2020. But what sort of guide would this be if I didn't tell you the best ones! Here's the ones you just cant miss this year...

Electric Lizzyland in Lakewood

There is no house brighter in East Dallas than the house of Liz Simmons, or better known as Electric Lizzyland. She is a local that goes all out for the holidays and is a bit famous amongst her neighbors. While she also goes big for Halloween and and even organizes a neighborhood Easter parade, she got her start with her Christmas display. This year her house is fitted with 100,000 Christmas lights, a human sized, paper mache, abominable snowman, homemade penguins playing on ice, and glitter dioramas that cover her house. Its quite the Christmas scene! And is a local hang out during the month of December that neighbors like to take their kids to and catch up. This is also located in a beautiful neighborhood where a lot of the houses are decorated for Christmas, so spend the evening driving around and make Electric Lizzy land the grand finale.

To find updates and the address visit Electric Lizzyland on Facebook

Santa's House in Grapevine

This is a new stop for Christmas lights to join the ranks in 2020 but its all for a good cause! The Santa House is the genius creation of Louie Murillo and the Murillo family. He originally bought a few Santas for a holiday picture and Covid hit and bought a few more. Then his desire to help people who were struggling after Covid and his love of Christmas decorations merged and Santa House was born! On his front lawn sits over 1,000 light up Santa's, a blow up Santa over his drive-way, a dancing, life sized Santa in the window over his stairwell, and a website that leads you to a go fund me to help Grace Grapevines Christmas Cottage program. A charity that helps struggling families provide Christmas gifts for their Children. You can drive by, stop and snap pictures, and always give a few dollars! They are located on the 3000 block of Spruce Ln in Grapevine, TX.

Luminova at Globe Life Field in Arlington

Luminova is another Christmas light spectacular added to the ranks in 2020! This is located in Rangers Stadium just near Texas Live and is the same spot the 2020 World Series was held. This is partially indoors and partially out. The inside part is a walk-through Christmas light display that goes all the way around the stadium! The next part is outside of Texas Live and has outdoor ice skating, live Christmas music, and food vendors. This is a fun place to take families for a cute, Christmas-y, Insta photo but also a fun place to take dates for a romantic skate night and some Texas famous Fletchers Corny Dogs. Ticket prices range based on age, but this is on the expensive side of our list.

It may be the middle of the pandemic but Christmas is far from gone in The Big D. And this is just some of the many activities happening for the holiday season! So if you are feeling particuarly in the Christmas spirit, anything on this list would be an excellent start. And as always stay up to date on all things Dallas by following @karliedoesdallas on Instagram!

**This list will be updated as the Christmas Season continues so be sure to Check back!**

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