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Dallas/ Fort Worth Vintage: where to go in DFW for the funky vibes, vintage finds, and the old souls

I guess you could say Ive always liked unique! Ive always been drawn to the people and places that march to beats of their own drums. So naturally I sought the places out where I felt the most at home, and come to find out, there are quite a lot in DFW! This article is for the lovers of 80's music, 70's clothes, and unique experiences and places. And of course if you love a good vintage find, interesting home decor, and having a piece of clothing that no one else has, you'll love this list! And I'm kicking it off with my Deep Ellum favorite....

Fleastyle in Deep Ellum

Fleastyle is one of my favorite vintage and repurposed clothing stores here in Dallas. Think of it as your cool best friend that has the neatest clothes, but wont tell you where she got them lol well chances are, she may have got them here. Fleastyle is just for the ladies but somehow carries a bohemian vibe as well. If you're looking for vintage N'SYNC T-shirts, dainty jewelry, vintage jeans that would have been the envy of any girl in the 70's and 80's, and cute living room pillows, well this is the place for you!

Doc's Records in Forth Worth

Doc's Records is located in the Foundry District part of Fort Worth and is my absolute favorite place to Rummage through. Simply because you just never know what you'll find! They have half the store dedicated to records, then the other half is comprised of booths that different individuals stock to sell with their funky finds. They have a pretty decent variety of rock n roll records, vintage posters, weird odds and ends, and a bit of clothing. Sometimes you can find a bunch of funky things, and other times you don't find as much, but that's half the fun!

Alice on Ross and Hall in East Dallas

If you love a good secret, then you will love Alice. Alice definitely enjoys its allusiveness! Even if you look on their website, it is simply one page that tells you nothing about the restaurant. But once you step inside you realize just what a funky spot it is. The inside is a swank, over embellished lounge with a bar that is straight out of Gatsby. But yet the food is not what you'd expect, they offer Asian inspired dishes and stiff cocktails. And then the music is quite surprising as well. While you eat you enjoy songs from the movies The Breakfast Club and Flashdance and just about any early 80's song that would blow the Aquanet right off your perm! And even if that's not enough, the speakeasy at the end of a brick hallway past the restrooms should do it for you. On weekends they offer a DJ and even Karaoke for my wild of the night people. The many different layers of this restaurant just add up to a quite unique experience and have funky vibes. If you're an old soul or a lover of interesting places, you will find yourself quite at home here. They are only open for dinner service so keep that in mind!

Dolly Python on Haskall near City Place

Dolly Python is my favorite Vintage shop in Dallas! They have everything your heart desires from clothing, jewelry, and home decor. But everything you find here will be one of a kind. This would definitely be the place if you're looking for a new western shirt or gently used cowboy boots, for handmade and only-one-of-it's-kind jewelry that will be the envy of every guy and gal, the perfect pin that says F*** the establishment for your jean jacket, or something weird and vintage to sit on your bookshelf. I guarantee you cant come here and not find something you like, its impossible. Lol Dolly Python was rated Dallas's Best Vintage shop multiple times and it's easy to see why! They also have a location in Bishop Arts that's much smaller and not quite so funky so I highly suggest checking out the Haskall location instead. They even sell stuff through their Instagram and ship it if you are an out-of-towner who still wants to see and purchase some goods. This is definitely a place for the lover of a funky or vintage find.

Bucky Moonshines in Deep Ellum

If you are a lover of Disco and southern food, then you will absolutely love Bucky Moonshines in Deep Ellum. This is one of my favorite spots in the city for multiple reasons. For starters, the food in Amazing, they serve all from scratch, fresh baked Southern and Cajun dishes that will steal any Texans heart. But it earns it's spot on our list because of the atmosphere. This is a bit of an off the grid restaurant, when looking at it from the outside, you'd have no idea of it's greatness on the inside. The inside is amazingly colorful with Mardi Gras beads hanging everywhere, art from southern and Cajun artists, a TV showing old shows and soap operas from the 90's, and a 70's playlist to die for! Any dancing queen or raspberry beret girl will feel right at home here. And if that doesn't win you over, well then I'm sure the alcoholic frozen daiquiris will!

Dallas Vintage Shop in East Plano

Dallas Vintage Shop has been one of the best kept secrets for over a decade, and that's about how long I've been coming here too. Lol This vintage shop is really more along the lines of a costume shop but to the millionth extreme! They have EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. There's so much in the little shop, that it covers every wall, hangs from the ceiling, and is just about bursting at the seams. They have clothing from every decade dating back to wild west days, shoes of every type and size, jewelry you wont find at your typical store, any type of hat you could possibly want, plus corsets, masks and anything your heart desires. If you're looking to win a Halloween costume contest, this should be your go to spot! But also if you're looking to add something really funky to your wardrobe, this should be your go to spot too. This very little unique spot sits right off 75 in East Plano and is a great way to spend an afternoon for my old souls and lovers of something different.

I hope this list finds you a fun afternoon of rummaging, or even better, a funky find all your own! The greatest thing about Dallas is there is truly a place for everyone, and if you dig hard enough, you can find something quite unique. But for my lovers of vintage and for my people fondness of funky, this is a great start. And as always, if you want to keep up on all things Dallas & Fort Worth, follow @karliedoesdallas and @lovethefortworth on Instagram.

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