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Fort Worth: Big City, Little Budget. Where to eat a meal for under $20

Fort Worth is the ever growing city, and that means restaurants too! There are a bunch of new places popping up everywhere and a bunch of seasoned restaurants that are still serving up gold. But where to eat on a budget? Just keep reading to find out!

First up is... Coco Shrimp

Coco Shrimp started as a Food Truck and a love Hawaii and Polynesian culture and they sought to bring that love top Fort Worth. They are an all shrimp eatery and offer different flavored boxes of shrimp, Hawaiian rice, and salad. What they are known for is their coconut shrimp but the rice will steal your heart as well! Pull up a bench at their truck or a seat at their restaurant and order a meal all for less than 20$.

Next up is.....Dough Boy Donuts

Dough Boy Donuts is without a doubt one of my favorite donut stops in Fort Worth. Not only are the donuts big and delicious but they also happen to be picture worthy! Dough Boy Donuts also started as a food truck and took DFW by storm and in 2018 became its own shop. These Donuts are on another level, they are not quite your traditional donuts and made with an in-house recipe of their own making. Not to mention the fun flavors that cycle out ever so often, this is a great breakfast for a great price.

And you cant forget about the Fort Worth Staple: Charley's Old Fashioned Hamburgers...

If you are VERY hungry and on a dime, you definitely need Charley's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Fort Worth. Not only are the burgers Good, BUT they are massive! Charley's is a Veteran in the burger game having graced Fort Worth since 1992 and I think most people can agree that a Charley's burger always hits the spot. They also have milkshakes and fries accompanied with a cute diner and outdoor area. This gives all the vibes of a vintage roadside stop in the 50's. It's one of a kind! And a burger, fries, and drink come in at less than $20.

Of course you cant forget the sweets! You need Gypsy Scoops Ice Cream

Gypsy Scoops is for the lover of all things quirky. They have a wide variety of homemade ice creams in just about any flavor you could want like cookie monster (which of course is blue) and banana pudding, which is my personal favorite. But they also offer ice cream cookies, shakes, Belgian waffles, and donuts. This is the perfect place for kids, and kids at heart. And for less than 20$ you can fulfill your sweet tooth and beat that Texas heat.

Its just not a party with out pizza, and you need: Black Cat Pizza

Now a full pizza pie will run you more then $20, but a slice and a drink is right on the money. And Black Cat Pizza has not only your traditional slices but fun weekly flavors as well. And they like to get creative! Really Creative. The weekly specials you have there you will likely never find anywhere else. Black Cat started as a light-night pop-up where they converted a bakery by day into a pizza parlor by night and came with truly original flavors that became a Fort Worth favorite. They now have their own shop on Bryan Ave in a quickly growing area of Fort Worth. If you're on a budget don't forget to stop by for a slice!

Now last, but DEFINITELY not least is: Dwell Coffee And Biscuits

Now I can't leave you hanging on breakfast, that's the best meal of the day! And Dwell Coffee and Biscuits will leave your stomach satisfied. Dwell started as a simple coffee house in Burleson, Tx and grew to the Fort Worth staple every TCU student loves. They offer a good range of coffees and matchas, but also biscuit sandwiches with a side of quiet for studying. This is the perfect place for morning chill time and breakfast, and for less than $20 it quite a steal!

Are there any other places you love that didn't make the list? Let me know! There are a ton of newer and older places in Fort Worth that are not only good, but don't break the bank! Now's the perfect time to spread some local love.

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