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Hidden Gems: The amazing secrets of DFW

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The best part of my time getting to know Dallas and Fort Worth are finding the things you probably see every day, and don't give much thought to, actually have amazing backstories and deep meaning behind them. They don't scream for attention like some other things do but I'm here to shine a light on them. And the rotating Pegasus at the Omni in Dallas is one of these amazing things.

The Rotating Pegasus in Front of OMNI Dallas

Did you ever wonder how the Pegasus became Dallas's mascot? Well turns out there's quite some history to it. The red Pegasus came to Dallas is 1934 and sat atop the Magnolia Oil Company. In the 1930's this building was the tallest in Dallas standing at 29 stories. But in 1959 the company merged into Mobil and they adopted the red Pegasus as their logo. To this day, the city has an agreement with Exxon Mobil to continue using it as the icon of Dallas. The neon Pegasus sat atop the Magnolia building until 1999 when it was replaced with a shiny new version that was lit on New Years Eve, January 1st, 2000. The original was tucked into storage for some time until 2015 when it was then refurbished and sat in front of the Omni Dallas Hotel where it still remains. The Red Pegasus that sits if front of the Omni now is actually the original Pegasus from 1934. This has been a tiny piece of Dallas history thats been hiding in plain sight. Dont forget to stop and admire it next time your downtown!

Next is The Deep Rawlins Mural in Deep Ellum

The next Gem in Dallas you've probably seen and not really noticed is the "Deep Rawlins" mural in Deep Ellum by artist Steve Hunter. When just looking at it you wouldn't know the meaning of it but the man painted in the picture is Rawlins Gilliand who is a local poet who created the poem, "Ode to Deep Ellum."

"Deep Ellum,

go tell them you're young and alive.

Where stirring art cocktails unshaken survive.

Whose memory tiptoes past lovers we've known as musical midnight knights never old grown."

This mural was centered around this poem and created for the 42 murals project in 2015. If you see it and snap a pic, be sure to @deeprawlins on Instagram so the artist can see. Steve Hunter remains in Dallas as an art teacher turned muralist and also created the Stevie Ray Vaughan mural on the side of Stirr. Just a fun bit of trivia next time you see it.

Then there's the Bowling Hat statue in the Cedars

This one is a bit more of an oddity but definitely a gem that not many Dallasites even know about. But we're talking about a 10ft tall, 20ft wide men's accessory so you know it has an interesting story! It was originally commissioned by Timothy Oulton furniture store from Keith Turman to be a point of pride for their Knox- Henderson location. Keith worked on this piece for a year and a half saying it was one of his most complicated to date. But when the time neared for it to be put up they learned that they would not be getting the proper permits from the city, so this enormous statue was taken to the Cedars to sit at the furniture companies warehouse where it still remains. The statue sits on the intersection of Ervay & Griffin St just on the other side of 30 from downtown. It is a interesting coincidence that makes Dallas all the more special.

And finally, the anonymous phone booth flowers

This one has quite a story, and is of my favorite quirks about DFW. These phone booths are my favorite because they remain quite the mystery. No one knows who did them or when they appeared but the flower bombs appear seemingly over night. It was such a turn of events that it even ended up on the local nightly news. I originally only thought there were 3 total because I had only ever seen pictures of that many. But in a weird turn of events, the artist found my Instagram! Their page @flowersareforlovers documents all the phone booths they've created and there are at least a dozen. Some in East Dallas, and handfull in Oak Cliff and even some as far as Brooklyn, NY. I reached out to the artist and asked for an interview but they have yet to answer, so the mystery of the flower bombing artist still remains.

There are so many small details about a city that make it special. And these, to me, are the least noticed yet amazingly special details that makes Dallas so great. I cant encourage you enough to stop and really look around and venture new places, cause you just never know what you'll find! And of course if you want to keep up to date on the latest around Dallas/ Fort Worth follow @karliedoesdallas & @lovethefortworth on Instagram

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