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My Favorite Places to Take Pictures Across DFW

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We are very lucky to be in such a beautiful city. So it should come as no surprise there are plenty of beautiful places around DFW for the aspiring photogographer. And Im here to narrow down your search! These are my Top 3 favorite places in DFW to take pictures!

My 1st choice: The Fabrication Yard near Trinity Groves in West Dallas. The Fabrication Yard started with The City of Dallas as the designated area for graffiti artists to tag and be creative without breaking the law. The Fabrication Yard is an entire city block of walls dripping is color. There are multiple warehouses and buildings covered from roof to floor in paint and offer different lighting opportunities. Its the perfect place for creatives and photographers a like.

My 2nd choice: Inspiration Alley in The Foundry District in Fort Worth. Think of this as the Deep Ellum of Fort Worth as its where most of the cities murals are located. It again is a big warehouse area with businesses sprinkled throughout. And Inspiration Alley is an actual alley behind the business Meyer & Sage. It has been painted by multiple artists local to DFW and is a colorful area with all natural light. And if you'd like to keep the pictures rolling just take a walk around close to the alley cause there are multiple areas throughout that little area.

My 3rd choice: is of course Deep Ellum in Dallas. Deep Ellum is without a doubt a go to for amazing murals but not all murals are created equal. My absolute favorite in Deep Ellum is the Maya Hayuk mural on the building across from Deep Sushi. Not only is it bright, but HUGE as well. Great for zoomed out shots or close up crops and has any color you could possibly want. Don't want a red backdrop? Well scoot 4 ft down for blue. Its fantastic to work with and is a new addition to the Deep Ellum neighborhood.

I hope this inspires you to take some pictures! You do not need selfie stations to have a killer Instagram picture, you just need the right backdrop. And all you have to do now is supply the model! Don't forget to tag @KarlieDoesDallas with your great pictures. Happy photo-taking!

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