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TEXAS BBQ: Where to find the best Texas BBQ across the state of Texas

If there's one thing to understand about Texas, we love our BBQ! And often Texans everywhere duke it out over who is the best. And over my Instagram journey, Ive been very spoiled by having some of the best BBQ in the state of Texas, or possibly the world, and I am here to pass my favorites to you. If you are simply visiting Texas, I must say you cannot leave our great state without trying at least one of these places! Which is why I'm gonna list my favorites by city. Here we go....


Of course I have to start with my main city! Dallas is a pretty good start to your BBQ tour as it only gets better from here. We are more known for our 5 star restaurants than our incredible meat smoking abilities but we have a couple spots you really shouldn't miss!

Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum

Pecan Lodge is Dallas's most popular BBQ destination. And that's because it comes with all the accolades you could possibly want! It was given D Magazines best BBQ of 2019 and was even in the running for America's Best BBQ by Travel and Leasure Magazine. They are located in the heart of Deep Ellum and usually sold out after lunch. That means you'll want to show up when they open and you'll need to wait in line! I waited about 30-45 minutes cause usually the line is out the door. And their BBQ is a bit on the pricier side of our list, but that juicy beef cow rib more than makes up for it!

Intrinsic in Garland

This BBQ restaurant is a bit off the map and not as well known but still one of my favorites. It is nestled in the old downtown part of Garland which is just a quick hop from Dallas. This is one of my favorites because not only is the BBQ good but it has a more mature, wine bar feel as well. They only offer wine and beer in a nice, warm, decorated setting. Its not your average picnic, honkey-tonk, BBQ stop. But the meat is what did me in! It absolutely falls off the bone and falls apart in your mouth with a fantastic smokey flavor. Their pork ribs are some of the best Ive had! This would be a good stop for dinner or if you're not trying to wait 30+ minutes for some food.


Now Fort Worth is my home away from home for BBQ! This city really knows how to smoke some meat! So I honestly have to pass the buck to them for BBQ. And its well deserved! There are multiple, smaller, family ran BBQ joints in Fort Worth and every singe one Ive had so far has blown me away. Fort Worth likes to get pretty inventive and Ive never been disappointed here! It was very hard to narrow it down, but here are my favs...

Heim BBQ on Magnolia

Heim BBQ is one of the first BBQ places I've tried while visiting Fort Worth for @lovethefortworth and is definitely a Fort Worth darling. What I appreciate the most about Heim is just how many options you have! They have a lot more than your simple meat and side option, like the Big Cat (pictured) a brisket sandwich with mac & cheese in between buns. And my personal favorite, the loaded potato skins (also pictured) which is fried potatoes, queso, pico de gallo, and brisket all served together to make a dish that's quite sinful. So this would be an excellent option for those that are not quite ready to take on a whole cow rib, but still want some dang good meat! They are also located in a great part of town for visitors that is walkable and has a bit of everything for everyone in your group.

Brix BBQ in Near Southside

Brix BBQ has all those cute trailer, family ran, home smoked goodness you could ask for! But Brix also likes to play hard to get, this cute outdoor eatery is only open Saturdays until sold out. So you'll want to show up earlier in the day and you should expect a line. But my favorite thing about Brix is how amazing, yet how affordable it is. Everything you see pictured came in less than 50$ and is on the lower priced side of our list! My favorite thing on the menu are the Burnt Ends. These are by far the best I've had with their unique sweet glaze but you should also consider a chicken sandwich while you're there as it appeared to be a crowd favorite. This is also in a hip and growing part of town, that's fairly walkable and has plenty of beer gardens, coffee shops and food restaurants that are very popular to the Fort Worth food scene. This is a great little place to check out if you're visiting on the weekend!

Panther City BBQ in Near Southside

Panther City is another boutique BBQ spot near Near Southside that has it's own specialties! While the BBQ is absolutely amazing, they are known most for their brisket tacos & their brisket elote (pictured). This is something I have never found anywhere else and is truly delicious! They have a great outdoor picnic area that's perfect for sunny days and are open Wednesday-Sunday each week until sold out. You'll definitely want to show up early here cause the line starts forming 30 minutes before they even open and they sell out of the specialty items quick! (I'm looking at you jalapeno poppers lol) Overall this is a great spot to check out if you're spending the week in DFW.


Now if I'm being dead honest, Austin has stolen my heart with BBQ. Austin is full of one-off restaurants that absolutely blow away any chain BBQ you've ever had. And while Ive not sampled every restaurant they have to offer, these restaurants to me are the best BBQ I've had in my life. And as a girl who runs a foodie account, that's saying something! Here are the BBQ places you MUST try, while in Austin...

Terry Blacks in Downtown Austin & Deep Ellum, Dallas

Terry Blacks originated in Austin and has since spread to Dallas in a pretty killer Deep Ellum Location. Terry Black is a big deal on the BBQ scene in both Austin and Dallas and its easy to see why. They smoke all their meat on location and you can smell it walking up the street! And are open for lunch and dinner with no sell outs and without the crazy lines. But you'll definitely wanna check this place out for the beef ribs and sides! Not only do they have an extensive amount of delicious sides to chose from, but the beef rib is the best I've had with a huge amount of flavor and juiciness. This is on the pricier side of our list but depending on what you order you can easily feed more than one person with a tray of BBQ and sides. This is also a great place to order a BIG amount of BBQ as the sides and meat come in much larger portion options than the other places. A great place to stop in either city!

La Barbeque on Cesar Chavez in East Austin

And finally, to my favorite BBQ spot in all of Texas. I don't know what to say other than this place is special! From the fact it is owned and ran by a female pitmaster (very rare in the BBQ world) to that fact of its kinda secretive, off the map location of a quick run convenience store (or quickie pickle) this place is very unique! I loved everything I ate here, from the meat to the sides, it was fantastic! You'll want to show up VERY early here as there is a long line, limited parking, and limited seating. It will take you 30 min-1hr to find your way to the front, order, get a drink, and find your way to a table, but it's all worth it! This is some of the best cooked meat I've had being dark and smokey on the outside, and super tender on the inside. The beef rib is definitely recommended here but you can't go wrong with anything! The brisket was also amazing and I loved the sides. Definitely the place to hit up while in Austin!

I hope this tour around North Texas gave you quite a bit of inspiration for BBQ! You absolutely cannot live in or visit Texas without sampling this southern fair! And of course if there are any places you recommend, feel free to drop me a line! And always keep up to date on new restaurants on Instagram @karliedoesdallas & @lovetheforworth !

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