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The Most Instagramable Spots in Fort Worth: where to go for the most eye catching pictures

Ah, Instagram. The app where everyone aspires to live their best life and strives for the most striking picture. You may think of Fort Worth as Cowtown, but Fort Worth is growing leaps and bounds from the quiet small city it once was, and that includes its beautiful backdrops for Insta! If you're an out-of-townee or just not quite sure where to go, this list will help you find all the best spots in one easy place. And as always, let's do it for the gram!

Spot 1: West Bend FW

ADDRESS: 1653 River Run, Fort Worth TX, 76107

West Bend is a luxury shopping center on the south side of Fort Worth. They have all your retail needs, plus restaurants and salons all surrounded by local artists murals. You can walk around the entire shopping center and spot quite a few! However my favorites are the Patsy Cline mural on the side of Dry Bar (pictured) and the Y'all Means All mural on the side of Bartaco. This is a great place to enjoy some mural hunting, picture taking, and a meal while you're at it!

Spot 2: Magnolia Ave

ADDRESS: 1250 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth TX, 76104

Magnolia Ave is by far one of my favorite places here in Fort Worth. This is a great place to spend the day as they offer multiple, cute, locally based shops that can please anyone in your crowd. They also have a pretty decent selection of art in the area and this mixture creates the perfect picture opportunity. Whether you'd like lifestyle pictures of you sitting in a bakery, or fun pictures of you in front of a mural, or even foodie pictures of you smashing some local BBQ, this surely should be on your list on places to visit for Instagram pictures in Fort Worth!

Spot 3: Fort Worth Water Gardens

ADDRESS: 1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth TX, 76102

This is the perfect addition to your day full of pictures! The Fort Worth Water Gardens are a serious Fort Worth destination and something the city is known for. The Water Gardens were created in 1974 by architects John Burgee and Phillip Johnson as an urban park for the city and an art piece that emulates water falls. On a nice day you can get amazing Insta photos here! And soak up a little piece of Fort Worth.

Spot 4: The Texas Postcard Mural at Brumbaughs Furniture

ADDRESS: 11651 Camp Bowie W Blvd, Aledo TX, 76008

This mural is just a bit outside Fort Worth but totally worth the drive! This is one of the most killer Texas murals I have ever seen! (And Ive seen a lot lol) This mural stands on the side on Brumbaugh's Furniture store/ warehouse and is a staggering 2 maybe 3 stories tall and spans the entire side of the building. This is a great place to take out-of-townees for the ultimate Texas snap or for locals to show a little Texas pride. Either way its the perfect spot for the gram!

Spot 5: Surrounding Crockett Row

ADDRESS: 7 City Church: 2900 W Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth TX, 76107

Foch St Warehouses: 901 Foch St, Fort Worth TX, 76107

Crockett Row is a great part of the city filled with restaurants galore. Its an excellent walk-able area where you are sure to snap some great foodie pics and have a great meal. But just on the outer corners is where these murals lie! The first by Mariell Guzman is the new kid on the block and located on the side of 7 City Church just up the street from Crockett Row. This mural is HUGE as well! Spanning 25ft by 66ft you could easily snap yourself with multiple backdrops and have fun colorful pictures for the gram and a little Fort Worth pride! Next is Foch St Warehouses super Insta famous mural, "if you are here, you are awesome." This is a good ways up the street from 7 City Church and Crockett Row but definitely something to hit up for that oh so cool Insta shot if you find yourself in the area!

Spot 6: Fort Worth Stockyards

ADDRESS: 2501 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth TX, 76164

The stockyards are a given when spending the day in Fort Worth looking for the perfect picture! The Stockyards are part of the rich history of Fort Worth and great if you're looking to southern up your feed. This also happens to be the only place I know where you can get amazing pictures of longhorns close up and beautiful festive shots during Christmas Time. It does cost to park here but admission is free and comes with a whole afternoon full of things to do if you're not just on the hunt for pictures. This is the ultimate Fort Worth stop!

Spot 7: The Foundry District

ADDRESS: 2621 Whitmore St, Fort Worth TX, 76107

Topping this list off with my favorite spot in Fort Worth for murals, The Foundry District! This part of town houses funky shops, a crazy amount of color murals, and the ever insta-famous Inspiration Alley. This is a great spot for multiple shots. Plenty of colorful mural backgrounds and funky lifestyle shots be had here! And pretty much everything is housed in 2 blocks so walking from mural to mural is very easy. And best part, is they are always adding more! the murals in Inspiration Alley change occasionally, and there is so much wall space that more are added from time to time. This is a necessary stop for your Insta-feed!

I hope I added all your favorites on your search for Insta-fame or just the perfect killer selfie. lol Either way throw YOLO to the wind and enjoy snapping the perfect shot, cause does it even count if you don't get a picture for the Gram? Lol And as always to stay up to date on the happenings around Dallas and Fort Worth and follow @karliedoesdallas and @lovetherfortworth on Instagam!

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