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The Most Scenic Views in Dallas: where to see Dallas at its finest

Dallas is quite the pretty city. We are lucky to have a beautiful downtown area created by some of the best architects. But do you know the best spots to see downtown in all its glory? Well I’m here to tell you!

First up, is of course and with out a doubt, Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is probably our most famous landmark. It is synonymous with the Dallas skyline and was made famous by the hit TV show in the 80's named after our city, "Dallas." Reunion Tower is 50 stories tall and has an observation deck, bar/lounge, and 5 star restaurant that rotates for a 360* view. It's a must see when you are visiting or even a local because not only is it a landmark, but it has absolutely a gorgeous shot of downtown.

2.) Waterproof Dallas at The Statler

To say Waterproof at the Statler is the hit place during the summer is an understatement! These hotel/ apartments on the inner loop of downtown are such a huge hit because this beautiful pool is open to the public year round and not only comes with a swanky bar that makes you feel bougie with your $20 dollar, poolside Moscow mule, but a KILLER view that just can't be beat. Every thing about this place is picture worthy and the perfect spot to snap a shot of yourself in the big city.

3.) Canvas Hotel Dallas

Canvas Hotel is another rooftop pool with a view that just can't be beat. Though this pool is only open for the guests of the hotel. But for the visitors there is a bar and restaurant to order from to make your time lounging enjoyable. And while the rooftop at Waterproof may be a bit bougie, the rooftop at Canvas is a bit more casual and more welcoming. The bar also comes with more decently priced drinks with fun and more inventive ingredients. And if you want to see a view of Dallas in its entirety, I definitely suggest here.

4.) Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the spot all tourists and city dwellers can agree on. Dallasites come here to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July and New Years Eve and all local photographers and bloggers come here at some point for a snap of that city view. Its just unbeatable. You can also walk a good portion of the bridge and they even host events that are family friendly. This scenic view is a Dallas cherished spot.

Dallas is a beautiful city, and for those visiting or just looking to admire the city from a new point of view, these spots are sure to please! Be sure to tag @karliedoesdallas on Instagram of with your scenic shots and have fun exploring Dallas!

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