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Where to Brunch in Dallas: Top Places for Good Food and Drinks on the Weekends

Now that people are starting to leave their houses after the famous quarantine of 2020, I think it's pretty safe to say that restaurants will be on everyone's to-do list. And personally, the thing I missed most while in quarantine was Brunch! So if you're like me and have a case of the Sunday mimosa blues, here's a list of all the best spots for a true Sunday Funday. Starting with...

The Rustic in West Village

The Rustic is a great spot for everyone! Whether it's breakfast with the family, a morning date, or continuing last nights shenanigans, this is a great place for a group of people. And that mainly has to do with the food! The Rustic serves their Brunch family style, which means they bring multiple plates for the whole table and it's delicious! This is also a great group place because of the drinks. While you can get single drinks they also serve pitchers for 20$ or under that serve 4-5 drinks and the peach bellinis are to die for! Over all while it is usually busy, the atmosphere is nice and offers indoor seating and covered outdoor seating and has the occasional live music performance and boho market. This is a great spot for the breakfast inclined!

Ross & Hall on Ross in East Dallas

This one is a bit off the map but personally a favorite of mine. Ross & Hall is more of an Irish pub than a actual breakfast restaurant but on weekends serves a pretty killer brunch. While the inside is a rich wooden interior and full wood bar, it's the outside atrium that stole my vote. This is a great spot for a beautiful day and a smaller group of people or possibly even by yourself as the bar seating is usually the locals that wander over from nearby apartments. But this restaurant blew me away with their big breakfast plates and their make your own mimosa and bloody mary bar. You can purchase a bottle of champagne for the table then make your way inside for a bar stacked with any type of topping you could want. I personally liked the pineapple and skittle combo but that's just me!

Ellen's in West End

Now this is a great spot if you're visiting Dallas because of the neighborhood it's in. West End is a huge attraction for tourists for its rich history in Dallas and it's walk-able area. But don't kid yourself, this is the locals favorite too! This is a southern inspired restaurant that brings all the carbs for breakfast and they are especially known for their pancake potpie! But I was won over by the crab cakes eggs Benedict. It so far is the best I've had in Dallas. And while I probably wouldn't come here with drinking in mind (the drinks are a tad bit expensive) the food is sensational and completely worth the wait to get in.

Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum

Now if you're whole mission for brunch is of the tipsy nature, you definitely need Anvil Pub! Anvil Pub is famous for their F* Brunch drinks! A 20 once drink of your choice (screwdriver, bloody mary, mimosa, or red sangria) with toppings galore sticking out of the top. And every Brunch drink is served with a side of ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon cause why not?? And if you're worried about going over board and not being able to drive, don't fret. Deep Ellum has multiple Uber stations you can walk to and wait for your Uber or even take a few laps around the neighborhood and check out the many murals, shops and other restaurants, Deep Ellum becomes quite the place to be on Sunday afternoons!

Mercat Bistro in Harwood District

This is a beautiful place for more nice brunch occasions. Think fancy brunch parties, after church with the family, or a nice brunch with girlfriends. Mercat Bistro is a french cafe nestled near downtown. This place won me over for several reasons! For one, the quiche Lorene cannot be beat! It's fluffy, and delicious, and huge. The other reason was their signature drink the "Peche Mignon," which is orange juice and sparkling sangria and a whole frozen peach (pictured). This is a beautiful cafe with a cute interior that makes you feel like you're at a garden party. It does get pretty busy so I would suggest a reservation beforehand!

Harlowe MXM in Deep Ellum

This I feel is another one of those hugely underrated restaurants that is amazing and being slept on! Harlowe MXM is a rooftop bar and restaurant in Deep Ellum that usually serves lunch and dinner. But on weekends they have an amazing brunch that consists of small plates that are great to share between you and another person. I would say this is not the ideal place for huge groups but they can definitely accommodate smaller groups. Every time I go the drinks, food, and service is fantastic and they are surprisingly not very crowded. But this is one of my favorite Deep Ellum spots and if you're in town during the week, consider stooping by for dinner as well!

Frankies Downtown in Inner City, Dallas

This restaurant surprised even me as making one of my favorite Brunch spots! Frankie's Downtown spends its week as a Sports Bar but on weekends serves as a pretty killer brunch spot in the inner city. And if you're hankering for a big, fancy, decorated bloody mary, this is my recommendation to you! This spot is fantastic for when your group is split between brunch and lunch as they serve both during brunch time and the entire menu is amazing! They usually serve hamburgers and amazing jalapeno poppers but for brunch serve killer chicken and waffles and these fantastic sticky buns! And the drinks hit the spot and are a decent price. You will leave stuffed and satisfied!

Personally i can't wait to be sitting on a patio, drink in hand, and enjoying brunch in this beautiful Texas weather. Sometimes when you don't have something for a little while, it makes you appreciate it all the more! And I think it's safe to say that Brunch and Dallas have a love affair and I hope this list gives you somewhere new and interesting to try! Happy Brunching!

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