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DFW's Sweet Tooth: Where to Find Dallas/Fort Worth's Most Instagramable Desserts

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Every year at the end of the year Instagram announces it's biggest trends. And 2019 was quite the colorful year! The biggest trends for 2019 were unicorn hair (so pretty!) and insane desserts (yum)! So I'm here to show you where to find Dallas's hottest trend of beautiful desserts and if I somehow inspire you to get rainbow hair too, well that's even better. And we're starting the list with....

Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery in Deep Ellum

Sugar Fang is for my diet conscious friends! Sugar Fang is entirely Vegan but just because its on the healthier side doesn't mean it loses any amazing dessert taste. They are located in the heart of Deep Ellum at Brain Dead Brewery. So not only can you pull up a homemade pop-tart but a craft beer as well. Sugar Fangs hugely popular item that I first fell in love with are the Skullettes, the skull shaped vegan cake and brownies with a whipped cream hairdo. Personally you cant go wrong here! Just follow your stomach and you wont be disappointed.

Sablon Chocolate Lounge in West Village

In 2019 desserts were the "it" thing but there was one dessert that reined supreme, the milkshake! The Milkshake reached new levels and became an insanely decorated dessert and there are a couple different places that made my list, starting with Sablon Chocolate Lounge in West Village. If you're craving super indulgent, rich, chocolatey desserts, well then this is your place. They import all their chocolate from Europe and create a bevy of different type of desserts centered around their chocolate. Anywhere from chocolate dipped strawberries, crepes, fondue, to these beautiful milkshakes. Pretty much everything here is picture worthy and in a stylish lounge interior. This dessert cafe has everything but is one the higher price range side of our dessert list.

SNO TEA in West Plano

Sno Tea is an adorable cafe with Asian inspired desserts known as Bingsoo or more commonly known here as Korean shaved ice. But this place has some pretty interesting flavors such as Captain Crunch and cookies and creme and condensed milk. Plus other desserts such as these homemade waffle pops that come out still warm and with your choice toppings. This place is a good hang out and casually comes with an Instagram wall for the perfect background. This is a great place for budget friendly sweet, located in West Plano off the Dallas North Tollway.

Muggleshakes in Fort Worth

This is for my Fort Worth friends! Fort Worth holds one of the biggest hits in 2019 in the DFW area, Muggle Shakes. This place is a fancy milkshake heaven and sure to be a picture pleaser. They offer any type of milkshake you could want and even offer a secret menu if that doesn't satisfy your craving. Don't want your typical chocolate? Well try unicorn! It's a great place to take kids or kids at heart and is seriously indulgent.

Aqua S in Victory Park

Aqua S is the new kid on the block and joined Dallas's ranks of most instagramable dessert in 2020, but they have already made themselves known! They started in Australia and spread to China and the US, but the Victory Park location is not their first Texas location as they have locations in Houston as well. Aqua S offers soft serve ice cream in very unique flavors (like elderberry) and with even more interesting toppings (like cotton candy and a melted marshmallow on a pocky stick) with instagramable backdrops galore. This is the perfect place if youre not only looking for a cute picture of desserts but of yourself as well!

Sweet Daze in Richardson

Now one place you can definitely not miss in Dallas or while visiting DFW is Sweet Daze in Richardson TX. This is like if Instagram had a baby and it was a dessert shop. They have everything from donuts, to cake pops, to sparkling lemonade, to cheesecake, and holiday themed treats, and even wedding cakes! Every time you go in, there is something different and absolutely beautiful. You will not go here and order ONE thing, you'll want to try a few different desserts. And if there is a holiday approaching you'll also want to pre-order a dessert box filled with a little bit of everything completely in theme. But don't forget about birthdays either, this is a perfect place to bring you loved one a top notch cake and put last years grocery store cake to shame. This is definitely the place to see!

There are plenty more amazing dessert places in DFW but if you're looking for the BIGGEST ones to hit up, this is an excellent start! There will be many more of the lists to come as Dallas is always opening new and interesting places and who can ever really have enough dessert? Definitely NOT me! But you can keep up on all restaurants by following @karliedoesdallas

or @lovethefortworth on Insta!

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